Use code FASTBUNDLE to take $20 off any 2 FAST Guides

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Use code FASTBUNDLE to take $20 off any 2 FAST Guides


Meet the Coaches

COACH KIM- USATF CERTIFIED COACH, PRs- 6:08 to 3:11, 1/2M- 1:27 Kim started running in 2012- and went from 0 to 60 with a marathon within 2 months of starting running. Hooked on the marathon, she ran marathon after marathon, improving at first- and then, because of overtraining, began to regress. Through her own trial and error, she has found a better, more sustainable relationship with running + training that produces results. She loves getting to share her journey & what has helped her improve with others in the hope that it can help them too. Her marathon PR is 3:11 (taking almost 3 hours off her first marathon of 6:08), with her fastest running still ahead! COACH TYLER- B.S. in EXERCISE SCIENCE, PRs: Marathon- 4:10 to 2:18, 1/2M- 1:07 Tyler ran as a kid, but not competitively. His first marathon in college was a 4:10. He only started pursuing competitive running as an adult. He is very process focused & worked to improve his form & his training to finally qualify for the Olympic Trials with a 2:18 marathon. He has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, was the coach for a high school cross-country program for 3 years, & has been coaching athletes of all ages & levels for 10+ years.

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If you have any further questions about any FAST Guides, need help building a training timeline to your race, or you're not sure which plan or level is best for you, just email us! We want you to get faster and accomplish your running goals so we really are happy to help you!